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I love theatre.
when I am sitting there as the lights go down, I wonder if others are feeling the magic that I am feeling. I saw my first play at the O'keefe Theatre in Toronto when I was ten years old and from that day forward I was hooked.
  • People often ask me what motivates me to begin writing a play. To be honest, it’s always quite overwhelming to open my computer and stare at the blank page. I usually ask myself, what is it I want to  explore? What will keep me inspired to spend many years writing and rewriting? I always begin with a theme in mind and from there I develop my story.


  • When I wrote my first play, On Albert Street, a musical, my theme was the importance of family. In My Life, the theme was forgiveness. Dried Flowers was about hope. A Stranger In Our House dealt with courage. Separate Beds was about marriage. Split is about a broken friendship and forgiveness. As in any profession, I have many people to thank.


  • Playwriting can be very isolating and sometimes one needs a push to keep going. My husband,Brian has been that constant push and support for me and I am so grateful. I don't think I could have succeeded without him beside me. And of course I am thankful for all the wonderful directors, actors and producers whom I have met along the way and brought my plays to life. Last but not least, my three children, Lora, Julie and Brit have offered me encouragement as well as many insightful suggestions that have made me a better playwright. And to friends and family that have always supported me.


  • You know who you are. One last mention: Many people often ask any I in your play? (wink, wink) I’ll never tell!.

Maryjane C.

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